Woodworm can be found in many residential and commercial buildings. This can cause substantial damage to the timbers as the woodworm can use the timber as a food source.

Woodworm Treatment


The most common type of woodworm is the common Furniture Beetle however other types maybe found. Our team will not charge to inspect the property to identify what the problem is exactly and provide a report and quotation for the treatment and price.


For us to provide the best and most effective services it is paramount that we correctly identify the insect that has become a pest. Once we have established exactly what it is we are dealing with we can provide an effective treatment to control and remove the problem preventing any future attacks.


Our product range for treatment woodworm includes water based, low odour preservatives that in many instances, require properties to be vacated for only short periods of time. The most common method used for woodworm treatment to timber floors involves lifting floorboards to treat the underneath with insecticidal timber preservative and then the floorboards are treated as well.


Our treatments are carried out by our own skilled tradesmen and can usually be completed within one day. Our woodworm treatments are low odour and only require the property to be vacated for a small amount of time (a minimum of 1 hour).If you would like more information on our service or would like to book a free report/quotation the please do not hesitate to contact us today.







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