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Damp Proofing in London

Here at Phoenix Property Solutions we are damp proofing specialists and are able to professionally control your damp problems including damp walls, condensation damp and wide range damp related problems. With a team of fully qualified tradesmen we provide working solutions like damp proofing membrane, rising damp membrane and condensation damp.


Damp can cause serious internal damage to a property and is something that can't be ignored it can make a home unsafe to live in if left untreated and can cause a musty smell that is not pleasant. The main cause of damp is water and moisture penetrating through the walls of a property.

What Cause Damp?


Rising Damp London usually occurs when there is a lack of damp proof course within in the foundations of the property. Bridging of the damp proof treatment course by internal plaster / external render or by high ground levels can also cause rising damp.


We are able to professional treat and remove damp problems and stop it before it cause significant damage to your property. We will assess the extent causes of the dampness before providing you with the most cost effective way of dealing with the problem. If you think you may have a problem or can see the signs of damp rising then please contact us for a free survey before it gets worse.

Rising Damp London

Rising damp London can arise for various reasons: the failure of an existing damp proof course (DPC); bridging due to the raising of external ground or internal floor levels; or in older buildings, the complete absence of a damp proof course.


Brick, stone and mortar are porous, allowing damp from the ground to rise. Where a DPC is absent or inadequate, there are various means of retrospectively fitting one. A common method is to drill holes into the wall at regular intervals and inject a penetrating chemical into the holes. The chemical is absorbed into the mortar bed, where it dries to form a waterproof barrier.


Rising Damp Surrey


We have numerous solutions to problems caused by many forms of damp. Injection externally is the traditional method, or we also have the more modern way using Newton Membrane Systems Newlath 2000, or Newton System 300 lathe for above ground dampness, using tanking membrane internally for party walls and difficult properties i.e. stone-built buildings, barns etc.


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Rising Damp London




Rising Damp Surrey


Rising Damp in London

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